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Safe as a Vault

Airtight, multi-prong security processes to safeguard your privacy and data for your peace of mind.

Database Encryption

The database is encrypted on a hardware layer, inside the database the sensitive data is encrypted by AES-256 (industry standard). Data transmission between database and user interface e.g. mobile app and browser is also encrypted using industry standard.


The TREX system is protected by firewall which monitors and filters network traffic based on predetermined rules to prevent unauthorized access, protect against cyber threats, and enforce security policies.

Zero Trust Architecture

“Never trust, always verify” - Zero Trust requires all users within and out of VOO to be authenticated and continuously validated before accessing applications and data, regardless of their network location, associated with least-privilege access principles.

Multi-Factor Authentication

TREX authentication requires users to provide password and a security token or biometric identifier to verify their identity and enhance access control.

Continuous Security Testing

We engage reputable external cyber security firms to challenge our security infrastructure and perform security audit.

Active Monitoring

Potential security threats and data discrepancies are detected through proactive and continuous monitoring.

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